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Gleditsia tricanthos 'Draves' pp#21698, cpbra

Street Keeper® Columnar Honeylocust

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  • Height: 45' after 50 years

  • Spread: 18' after 50 years

  • Trunk Diameter: 14" after 50 years

  • Flower: Flowers not ornamental.  The original tree  did not have a history of producing seed pods, but recently both it  and some plants now in cultivation have set light to heavy crops of seed pods.  Some people may find this to be an objectionable feature.  At this time we do not have an explanation for either the inconsistency or sporadic nature of  fruit production, although Honeylocust can switch from producing primarily  male to female flowers, or both on the same plant.

  • Shape: Narrow, strongly upright, tightly pyramidal

  • Fall Color: Yellow

  • Description: An ideal tree for city streets, this cultivar boasts the tight narrow form that has long been lacking in the urban tolerant honeylocust.  The ascending branch structure gives Street Keeper® a canopy that is only half as wide as other cultivars.  Foliage is deeper green than other selections. Discovered near Buffalo, New York, by Mr. Tom Draves and evaluated by him for more than 20 years before seeking commercial introduction.  This is the most upright and narrow selection known.  Good central leader dominance with strong branch crotch angles.

  • Zone: 5


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