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Acer x 'White Tigress'

White Tigress Striped Maple


  • Height: 20' (after 20 years)

  • Spread: 20' (multi-stem)

  • Flower: Insignificant, producing 6" raceme of winged seeds

  • Fall Color: Golden yellow

  • Description: Obtained in 1962 as Acer tegmentosum from Mr. Alan Cook but this may actually be a hybrid.  New growth is red changing to white with green stripes, which persists to the base of the trunk and roots if exposed to sunlight.  Bark will darken in full sun, subject to scald.  Best as an understory plant, thriving in partial shade.  Life span 20-40 years.  Named and introduced around 1975.  Grown from cuttings.

  • Zone: 5

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